Petr Zavadil

Petr Zavadil

Welcome to my personal website, where you can find my phone and email contact.

About Me

I'm from Chropyně and I work as a PHP programmer with a focus on the backend, now at the Papirfly company in Zlín. In my private time, I am a badminton coach and a member of the executive committee of the Kamínek Chropyně tourist association


1983 Born in Kroměříž
2007 Completed Bachelor's degree in Information Technology Science
2007 Member of the executive committee ATOM Kamínek Chropyně
2009 Member of the executive committee TJ Chropyně badminton club
2010 Certificate for the main leader of the camp
2013 Vice-chairman of the TJ Chropyně badminton club
2019 Member of the executive committee TJ Chropyně
2021 Official licensed badminton coach
2023 Elected by the chairman of the TJ Chropyně


Tělovýchovná Jednota Chropyně
ATOM Kamínek Chropyně